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With 90% of home sales beginning online creating a visually pleasing property has now become imperative to achieve the highest property value.  In most cases, your home is your largest asset, and selling it is an opportunity to maximize the return on it.  Staging is the path to achieving your homes fullest potential.



Whether you call us directly or are introduced by your Realtor - the process of home staging begins with a consultation.  During this time, we tour your property, determine the best options for marketing it to the public and put together a detailed plan for you. 

Once this plan is agreed upon, a 50% deposit is required to schedule your staging day so that our designers can begin the process of planning items to use in your home.   

Then the staging begins - Taking from a couple of hours to a maximum of 2 days - your home is transformed from dwelling to selling!



The pricing for our services varies depending on the size of the home and the scope of the project.  In some cases, we are able to use many of the homeowner's items and in other cases, we are providing an entire home worth of furnishings and accessories.  This is all discussed during the consultation and we work diligently to meet your budget to achieve the desired results.



Although we would like to say that every house we stage sells in less than a week, this is not the case.  In 2018 - 95% of the houses we staged sold within 11 days of being marketed and many for above the asking price.  Market conditions are ever changing - but we feel strongly that our services always increase the appeal and value of ANY home on the market.


Nationally staged homes sell 68 Days faster than their unstaged competition... What they aren't telling you is that in the 68 days - most unstaged homes have gone thru 2 rounds of price reductions.

What about Color Consultations & Redesign Services


Color Consultations are booked by the project at $250 for up to 3 rooms of color design.

ReDesign is billed hourly and generally is scheduled for 1/2 day at $500 or full day at $900.


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